Saturday, September 7, 2013

How To Lose Weight (Grocery Haul #1)

Food is almost as exciting as makeup, right?  Well I thought I might share a little on what I'm doing to lose weight.

Diet is probably the biggest factor for me when it comes to losing weight.  I've realized that I can lose 5 pounds just by adjusting the foods I eat.  Of course, exercise plays its part too and is important for maintaining a healthy body.  With the combination of both exercise and diet, I plan to lose 10 pounds!
By diet, I mean they types of food I consume.  I don't mean South Beach or Paleo.  I'm simply not disciplined or dedicated enough to restrict myself to such a degree.  I enjoy food too much!

Here's a list of what I picked up today:
  • Sliced Mangos (Fresh Ready Pac from Costco) -- $7.99
  • Bag of Spinach -- $3.00
  • Yogurt (24 pk) -- $5.50
  • Udon and Kale Salad (small) -- $2.00
  • Bok Choy (6) -- $1.75
  • Grapefruit (4) -- $3.75
  • Brie Cheese -- $2.20
  • Eggs -- $2.00
Total Shopping Cost: About $28

(Obviously, I'm not a nutritionist or expert when it comes to losing weight.  
I'm just saying what I'm doing to accomplish my goals.)

I've also noticed that by eating healthier, I save money!  More to spend on cosmetics!! :D

What do you eat to lose weight?


  1. good luck with the weight lose girl xxxxxxxxxxxx