Wednesday, August 28, 2013

$10 At Sephora For $5

I am a huge fan of Groupon (the flash deal site) where you can typically pick up products or services for 20%-50% off the regular price.

Here is the link for the current deal at Sephora.  You pay $5 and you get a $10 gift certificate!  Check it out soon because over 5,000 people have already purchased this deal and supplies could run out!

Here are some ideas for how you can use your $10:

Sephora Sugar Body Scrub for $9
Size: 6.76 oz!

Soap & Glory The Fab Pore Facial Peel for $10
Size: 1.7 oz

Three for $10!
Sephora by OPI Nail Polish

What is your favorite product under $10?

Monday, August 26, 2013

Empties #2

Hello!  Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!  I've been having a blur of a week (just accepted two jobs) and I'm planning a 40+ person themed party!!  Yikes!

For my empties, I'm sort of cheating because most of my empties are samples.  I just really like trying lots of new products.  I hardly have any "regular" products because I vary my shampoo, conditioner, lotion, foundation, blush, and lip product daily.  This probably isn't a very good thing to do, but it's what I like doing at the moment.

Here are the products I tried and finished:

  • My H2O Plus Spa Sea Salt Hydrating Body Butter (from my Project 10 Pan... hooray!!)
  • Ojon Rare Blend Conditioner ($34 for full size)  This was one of my favorites!!
  • Menza Facial Wash (from August Beauty Army Box)
  • Nelson J Argan Oil 7 Non-Foaming Shampoo (also from August Beauty Army Box.  It worked but I want my suds! I actually didn't care for this shampoo because I missed the bubbles.  They help me feel like I'm really cleaning my hair.)
  • Bare Minerals Foundation SPF 15 (full size)
  • Celine Dion Belong Perfume (sample that I've had since I can't even remember how long, but I won't be purchasing the full size because I really want Jo Malone!)
  • Michael Todd Charcoal Facial Scrub (I LOVE! And will keep repurchasing over and over again.  I also received a good size of this in my August Ipsy bag!)
  • Lancome Genifique Serum samples (Lancome counters were giving away a week supply of serum samples to try.  I was actually really impressed with this serum!  It was hydrating and did seem to make my skin more radiant!  I have two deluxe bottles so I can continue using it for the next few weeks!!)  

Have you ever tried anything from Ojon?

Thursday, August 22, 2013

This or That? (2013)

I read an old post the other day and I thought it would be fun to jot down my current beauty preferences!  

blush or bronzer  --  Blush! My cheeks need a pink glow.

lip gloss or lipstick  --  I want to pick both (lipstick with lipgloss on top), but if I had to pick just one it would be lipstick
eye liner or mascara  --  Eye liner... otherwise my eyes look too small.
foundation or concealer  --  Foundation (this is probably my favorite beauty item)
neutral or color eye shadow  --  Neutral

This is my favorite palette for creating my everyday neutral eye look.

pressed or loose eye shadows  --  Pressed!
brushes or sponges  --  Brushes!!  I rarely use sponges.

OPI or china glaze  --  OPI
Long or short  --  Medium?  I guess short to medium.
Acrylic or natural  --  Natural
Brights or darks  --  Brights! 
Flower or no flower  --  Flower, bow, pearl, and/or jewel! 

perfume or body splash  -- Perfume!  No question about it.
lotion or body butter  --  Body Butter (from The Body Shop)
body wash or soap  --  Soap.  I used to only use body wash, but lately I've been experimenting with different scented soaps and I love them!!
lush or other bath company  --  Lush addict!

My current favorite soap is the Lavendar soap bar from Trader Joes!  It smells incredible!!

jeans or sweat pants  -- Jeans
long sleeve of short  --  Short (at least in summer)
dresses or skirts  --  Dresses
stripes or plaid  --  Stripes
flip flops or sandals  --  Flip flops 

My most worn pair of shoes this Summer (sorry they are so dirty) are my Coach flip flops.

scarves or hats  -- Scarves
studs or dangly earrings  --  Studs

Bow studs from Target! <333

necklaces or bracelets  --  Bracelets
heels or flats  --  Heels (I'm so short, I love my heels)
cowboy boots or riding boots  --  Riding Boots

jacket or hoodie  --  Jacket
forever 21 or charlotte russe  --  Forever 21 
abercrombie or Hollister  --  Abercrombie 
saks 5th or nordstrom  --  I have a lot from both.  I'd have to say Nordstrom because I love the selection and the customer service!

curly or straight  --  Straight (occasionally I will curl if I'm going out)
bun or ponytail  --  Bun (donut)
bobby pins or butterfly clips  --  Bobby pins
hair spray or gel  --  Spray!
long or short  --  Long 
light or dark  --  Dark
side sweep bangs or full bangs  --  Side Sweep
up or down  --  Down 

Rain or shine  --  Shine!!!
Summer or winter  --  When it isn't 115 degrees, I prefer Summer.  I hate the cold.
Fall or spring  --  Fall
Chocolate or vanilla  --  Chocolate 
East coast or west coast  --  West Coast!! CA <3

Presidio San Francisco

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

I Love You Butter London!

I am slightly obsessed with nail polish.  I own a LOT (maybe 100 bottles), but I've never before tried Butter London.  Recently, I tried my first bottle... called Primrose Hill Picnic ($15).  It is gorgeous!! I LOVE how rich the color is and how shiny it looks once applied.  

This color is such a bright, cheery color... perfect for the end of summer.  I've had it on my nails for only a few days and no chipping so far!!  It also dries faster than any of my other nail polishes... best thing ever!  I'm now hooked on Butter London and I want to try so many more colors! 

Have you tried Butter London?  Are there any colors you recommend?

I Purchased Makeup!

I made it 26 days on Project 10 Pan before finally caving!  Last night I went to Macy's and wandered by the Lancome counter.  I was looking at their Teint Miracle foundation when the salesperson started telling me all the wonderful things about their Teint Idole foundation.  It is 24/hr, has SPF 15, leaves a matte finish, and is better for oily skin!  I was sold.

It retails for $45.  I bought it 15% off, so it was roughly $38.  With taxes, it ended up being roughly $40.  I signed up for the Macy's credit card and received two free gifts and a bonus eyeliner in Black.

Here is what I received for $40:

I'm still going to work on using the items in my Project 10 Pan, but I'm not going to restrict myself from  getting new makeup.  I'm just too much of an addict!!

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Project 10 Pan (Day #25: Maybelline Dream Lumi Touch Highlighting Concealer)

Number 5 on my Project 10 Pan list is the Maybelline Dream Lumi Touch Highlighting Concealer in Radient.  This is one of my favorites, but since I don't normally have dark under eye circles I don't use it very often.  However, it is amazing after those wild and crazy nights that can leave their mark the next day!  

I love that it covers blemishes without leaving a cakey, noticeable spot on my face and it also works to brighten the cheekbone area.  Even though I use it to highlight, I still like to use a powder highlighter on top.  I'm especially attached to The Balm's Mary Lou Manizer Highlighter because it adds such a beautiful glow.

While I do really like this product, I probably won't repurchase it ($7.99) because I don't honestly need it.  Maybe I'll pick it up again if I start noticing bags under my eyes, but until then I'll probably just skip this step.  

Do you use concealer under your eyes to brighten the area?

Friday, August 16, 2013

Project 10 Pan: (Day #23: Mac Shopping List)

My Mac Shopping List:    

Pressed Pigment

Light Touch


Crème Cup


Cannot ship to APO/FPO address.

Viva Glam Lipstick

Viva Glam VI

Mineralize Skinfinish

Soft and Gentle
Second Day ShippingUS$0.00
I'm clearly itching to purchase some new items.  These are the products I put in my Mac Cosmetics shopping cart last night.  Some are refills and some I just want to try because I've heard really good things about them.

Further motivation to use up my 10 products so I can go out and get some more!    

Do you have any Mac recommendations?