Friday, August 9, 2013

Project 10 Pan (Day #16: Aveda)

I went to an Avenda salon today to get my eyebrows waxed because I had a credit there for $15.  Since the service regularly costs $16, I only had to pay $1!  I've noticed that the newest trend in eyebrows is straighter and bolder (less arch).  

I normally go for more of an arch, but this time I tried the straight look.

I also like going to Aveda salons because they are always offering something for free.  This time they are giving away free travel sized bottles of shampoo and conditioner!  I've been hearing good things from the people who have tried the Aveda Invati system, but apparently it is made for people with thin hair.  Aveda's Invati treatment isn't quite what I'm looking for...  mine is so thick that I just went to the salon to have it thinned out!

I'm going to give these bottles to Ryan since he has fine, thin hair.  

What is your favorite hair product?


  1. I always get my eyebrows threaded and love the arch look. Great post:) xx
    A MakeupHabit

    1. Thanks for your comment! I'm actually going to try threading for the first time next week!! So excited :D xo Kelly

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    1. Hi Reneta! Thanks so much for your comment!! I love your blog, you're so cute! xo Kelly