Thursday, August 8, 2013

Project 10 Pan (Day #15: Organizing)

I went to Target and picked up a bunch of these cute boxes ($1 each).  I'm going to use them to store all my mini-products.  This box is storing the little lotion bottles I picked up when I used to travel and stay in a bunch of hotels.  Ryan also had a job where he traveled so between the two of us, we have over a hundred bottles of body wash, shampoo, conditioner, and lotion!

Organizing all of my stuff is definitely going to take some time!  As you can see, I still have to do something with our oral hygiene drawer!

I love knowing where everything is and getting rid of clutter.  Being organized helps me keep track of what I have and it helps me realize that I don't need to buy new things when I still have more to finish!

Yesterday, Ryan and I toured a few places to live in the Bay Area and I forgot how small the living spaces are! Our stuff would never fit if we tried to keep it all!  We're trying to decide if we should move to the Bay Area, to England, or to Hong Kong.  Either way, our living space is going to shrink dramatically!  This turned out to be a well timed Project 10 Pan!

Where would you choice to move to: San Francisco area, England, or Hong Kong?


  1. wow you have a LOT of oral stuff! An i'm just here with a single toothbrush and my colgate haha

    And england ofcourse! Shitty weather but at least you're in europe so you can travel pretty cheaply to lots of countries around you

    1. Thanks for your comment! We've seriously been looking at England. Who doesn't want to take a weekend trip to a castle?! :D xo Kelly

  2. Fabulous storage solution! I love those $1.00 boxes.

    Wherever life takes you, it'll be magical since you have love.

    ~hugs, darling~

    1. That is the sweetest comment ever! I had to tell Ryan about it :D Thanks Karen! xo Kelly